John is one of the country’s most noted river anglers. We have private stretches on four Norfolk rivers and there is little, if anything, that John can’t teach you. Or perhaps you just need your techniques brushing up a little. Long trotting, stret pegging, touch legering, surface crust, upstream nymph, surface popping for chub…. everything you have ever dreamt of achieving is now possible.

We have access to potential record barbel, seven pound chub, three pound roach, big perch and some extraordinary wild brown trout. But once again, it’s not just size that is at the heart of Fisherman’s Valley.

Beauty is guaranteed. But so is intimate, heart-stopping excitement. Watching that chub or barbel… inching a bait down through a shoal of big roach… tracking a big, wandering bream as it sends up silt in its quest for food.