One of the many great strengths of Fisherman’s Valley, is its flexibility and its adaptability. By this we mean that whatever you want, whatever is possible in the fresh or saltwater fishing world we can deliver. Let’s look at a few mouth-watering examples…

Perhaps you’re coming with a beginner, a son or a daughter, a girlfriend, boyfriend or whoever! You want some action. A beautiful lake. Plenty of bites from really nice fish. Easy. We’ll guarantee you fun, excitement and a day to remember for life.

Or perhaps it’s big fish and specialist days that you’re all about. Big tench. Sensational roach or chub. Eye-wateringly magnificent pike. Of course, you will know you can never guarantee monsters but we get more than our fair share and always in waters that are mysterious, beautiful and scream big fish.

Or maybe it’s the saltwater fly and lure scene that you’re hankering after. One of the great things up here is that a lot of what we do is all about innovation, exploration and inspiration. You are with us, as it were, from the beginning of what is a thrilling journey. The coast here is absolutely stunning and the fishing, at times, can be unparalleled.

Or we can give you a day of dovetailing excitements. We call this a JB day! You simply go along with John and fish with him, tuning in, as it were, on one of his rare days off. You might begin on a tench or a rudd lake. As the sun climbs, you might travel to the river to stalk a big chub or a barbel. Then, as the shadows lengthen, you might decide to up sticks and move to a wild carp pool. Who knows, if the moon is full, you might finish off your day on the beach for bass. Constant excitement. Constant variety. Constant learning. We just don’t do boredom here!

If you’re coming singly or as a group – and what a great idea for a small corporate get-together – we suggest you come up the night before and have a meal with John and make plans looking at the map and the weather forecast. You can run through the tackle, the baits and the methods over a bottle of red and go to sleep dreaming of the day to come.

Phone for prices, tailored around the trip that you yourself so dearly want to enjoy.