Carricks at Castle Farm is the Heart of it All

For the last couple of years, all Fisherman’s Valley accommodation and dining requirements have been centred at Carricks at Castle Farm, close to Swanton Morley just outside East Dereham. There are many good reasons for this.

It’s hard to know where to begin but let’s look at the setting, right down on the River Wensum itself. The great thing about this location is that guests arriving early can always amuse themselves with three miles of fascinating water.

The building itself is quite superb, elegant, comfortable and time lost. Guests have frequently commented on that feeling of walking back into the 1950s but with all modern conveniences and comforts thrown in. All you are going to hear at night are the geese perhaps, cattle lowing and the owls in the valley. It’s just a wonderful place to rest and unwind.

The food is quite exceptional. The breakfasts are lavish, taken in the elegant dining room under a blazing chandelier. Dinners are spectacular affairs, too.

But perhaps above all these things, it is the welcome at Carricks that warms the heart the most. Jean, John, Carol, Nicki and even Katy the dog all bend over backwards to make sure that your stay is comfortable, memorable and eminently repeatable.

I, of course, have history with the place. Back in the ‘70s and ‘80s, the Wensum at Carricks was the centre for the vast majority of my roach fishing. A huge number of my roach between two pounds twelve ounces and three pounds ten ounces were caught from Carricks’ water. Even today, there are signs of big roach stirring. It’s true to say that we haven’t landed a two yet in recent history but they’ve been seen and a couple have been rolled. The chub, though, are spectacular. It’s not easy water and it never has been but the potential rewards are astronomical for those who care to sit it out.

Carricks is simply the most wonderful place to base yourself.