I’m immensely proud of my association with Andrew Field, the country’s master float-making craftsman. Andrew and I have known each other for years and I value his company, his humour, his generosity and his fishing knowledge. There’s more.

I think it’s fair to say that the majority of anglers who have come to Fishermans Valley want action and excitement in their sport. For most, it is float fishing that turns them on. Perhaps they want to learn to trot for roach, or at least perfect the skill. Float fishing for chub is always popular. Float-caught tench are what many people are all about. And how about barbel on the float, one of the ultimate dreams? Come the winter, even when you’re pike fishing, a float is hard to beat.

If you are going to float fish, I think there are two overriding considerations. Firstly, the float must be absolutely fit for purpose. It’s got to be the right float, at the right time, for the right job. And that’s where Andy’s selections come in. They’re handmade, hand designed and spot-on for exactly the target you choose.

And I think, aesthetically, if you are going to look at a float daylong, season long, even lifelong, you might as well make it a beautiful one. And that’s where Andy’s floats score heavily again. If anyone in the country makes floats more beautiful than Andy’s, then please let me know.

Of course, there are those who say that Andy’s handmade floats are too precious to use on the water itself and deserve to be cherished in a study perhaps. I can see this point of view but I disagree. It’s like building an ocean liner and keeping it in a harbour. Or buying a superb car and never letting it out of the garage. Andy’s floats are meant to…float! But if you’re still of a mind to cherish them safely, the good news is that Andy is bringing out a range of more attainable floats, again beautifully finished and designed that won’t make you weep if you cast into the branches of a willow opposite! Look out for more exciting developments on this front. Visit Andy’s site at www.lureofthefloat.co.uk for more details.