John Bailey has known Norfolk virtually all his lifetime. In fact, he’s fished its lakes, rivers and seashore since his days in short pants. It’s no surprise that this wonderful county and its gorgeously remote waters have been the inspiration for so many of his articles, books and films. Whether it be river, lake or seashore, rest assured that in Norfolk there is nowhere that John doesn’t know and doesn’t have access to.

Norfolk fishing once fuelled his childhood fantasies and it still does. Idyllically beautiful. Isolated. Serenely excluded from the pell-mell pace of modern life and modern fishing. Gorgeous fish. Every species imaginable, including those nearly lost such as rudd, crucians and wild carp.

Big fish too. Pike over thirty pounds. Roach and rudd over three. Four pound perch. Tench just into double figures.

But it’s not, in truth, the size of fish that counts on a day with Fisherman’s Valley. It’s all about comradeship, fun, watching the kingfishers, brewing a Kelly kettle, enjoying a magnificent picnic on the bankside and then talking the night away in the bar of the comfortable hotel where you will be staying.

We have created the perfect fishing experience: fishing the sort of waters even Crabtree would dream about. The fact that so many of our clients have become our firmest friends and return trip after trip has to be proof that we are doing something right.

We’re not competitive. We just enjoy our fish, our fishing, our fishermen and our wonderful days by the waterside.